Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bea Arthur, Mountains, and Pizza (Oh My!)

And from a bit of gold, we are pleased to bring you a cold slice of what happens when people have too much free time, imagination, poor photoshop skills, and access to the internet.

Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza is a website that bills itself as "the definitive collection of pictures featuring Bea Arthur, mountains and pizza." We had an hour to kill, so using the power of Google Images Search, we looked. It turns out they are right.

Be in awe of Bea Arthur's amazing Kung Fu pizza punch!

Feel the shivers down your spine as you view Bea Arthur giving a slice of pizza that must have been up to no good the evil eye!

Oh No! This slice of pizza is trying to get the better of Bea Arthur by sneaking up behind her and dropping roast beef on her! Look out Bea Arthur!

Does Bea Arthur survive the vicious and delicious pizza attack? Will the scenic mountains come to her rescue? Go to Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza and see!

Oh yes, a warning... if you do try to look up Bea Arthur on Google Images Search, if you are eating, or plan to eat in the next hour, for the love of all that is holy, make sure your image search is set on "safe mode". Trust us.

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