Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bears... those lazy furry evil bastards

What is the greatest threat to America, and by extension, Canada? Bears with guns.

Stephen Colbert was right. I must admit, when I first heard his report on bears with guns, I thought to myself, "Stephen, you're being silly... bears with guns... riiiight..." then I took to my trusty computer, and did a little research. Yikes!

I am actually amazed that people go to see bears at zoos, or that the WWF actually wants to save them. I have to tell you, I've seen bears EVERYWHERE. Come to Toronto in the last week of June and you will see thousands of bears, in the bars, marching on the streets, posing for pictures with tourists.

As if bears were not scary enough as it is (and this has nothing to do with homophobia. Just look at those fuckers! Eek!) now people want to give them guns? Nay Nay I say!

Just think of how differently this bar fight might have went if this bear had a gun? Poor poor Chuck Norris...

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